Long time, no news. Which hardly means nothing has happened. Last month I attended the RADAR Lab, a writers’ retreat held in Akumal, Mexico. I’ll be reading from the work I did there on August 17th at Dolores Park Cafe. I’ve had a couple stories published, one in Gargoyle and one in juked. CAConrad recorded one of my poems for his video blog, Jupiter 88. I’ve read here and there, including a last-minute spot at Perverts Put Out last weekend. I’m stoked about the novel I’m working on.

In other news, I decided to stop talking about how one day I’m going to go back to school to study fashion and actually do it. Good things have happened as a result, including a dress I designed being selected for production and sale on ModCloth. All in all, things are rad.

A bit belatedly, I bring news that I was interviewed by Michelle Tea for the RADAR blog, in anticipation of reading at RADAR at the Luggage Store. Well, that was last week, and if I know you and you live in SF I probably told you about it anyway. It was amazing. A roomful of amazingness. You should have been there. But hey, you can still read the interview here!

Also, I have a poem in the current issue of Cream City Review. Good things all around!


Inch #14 is out! And you can get a copy for a dollar! Go now!

7/28/2010 (uh-oh. This reads like a blog entry, doesn’t it?)

This has been a good year so far, as far as my writing–or more accurately, my writing “career”–goes. I’ve had a number of firsts: first (and second!) finalist notation in a chapbook competition, first acceptance by a university-run lit mag, first (and now second!) acceptance of a story by a print mag. My most recent acceptance, of a short-short by Inch, brings with it a less quantifiable first. It is my first acceptance of a piece that I have always believed in, but that I was beginning to think might never find a place out in the world. Not because of the number of rejections it had garnered (10, small potatoes in this game), but something more abstract, something to do with not being quite sure where it fit. It lacks the sharp edges of the flash fiction that is currently in vogue. It’s lyrical, observant, but it’s decidedly a story, not a poem. Eventually, though, it found its way to Inch. I had a very pleasant back-and-forth with the fiction editor that resulted in a little-changed yet considerably stronger story, and now (well, soon) you’ll be able to read that story, along with the rest of Inch #14, for one measly buck. All this to say, whatever it is, keep working for it.